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Authorised FSP No. 14000


Loadshedding Risks and Tips

Loadshedding can lead to various insurance claims, with the current market trend showing a large increase in fire, property damage, theft and personal injury. Here are some key tips to help you manage these risks.

  • Implement back up power solutions, such as generators, inverters, solar panels, backup batteries and spotlights during load shedding intervals.

  • Ensure you have a valid Certificate of Compliance for all installations.

  • Test alarm and backup batteries regularly. Consider upgrading to a 25A battery for longer back up power based on the system size and components.

  • To reduce the risk of theft of solar panels, extend your property’s alarm system to the roof area.

  • Traffic light flashing red should be tested as four-way stops during load shedding. Be alert of other drivers who may ignore this rule.

  • Install power surge protectors or uninterruptible power supply (UPS) devices on all major appliance, this can help regulate and stabilise the flow of electricity.

  • Hairdryers, irons and pots on stoves can turn into deadly fires if accidentally left on during load shedding, remind your family to switch these items off.

  • Avoid leaving candles and open flames unattended during outages, opt for solar lights or self-charging bulbs.

  • Don’t let load shedding catch you off guard. Be proactive and develop and emergency plan to mitigate potential risks on your operations and personal well-being.


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