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Securing your home against rain damage during seasonal rain

Summer has arrived, and along with it the prospect of seasonal rain for many parts of the country. We’re committed to ensuring you are properly equipped for this season’s challenges.

Here are some tips to help you protect your home from seasonal rain.


Regularly check your tiled roof for any cracked or broken tiles:
They’re easy to spot. If you find any, don’t try to fix them; replace them right away. Repairing or replacing roof tiles requires specific knowledge and skills. It’s not a simple DIY task that every homeowner can easily undertake. Incorrect repairs can lead to further damage and may not effectively address the problem. So, seek the correct advice.

Take a look at the ridge:
The top edge of your roof, where the two slopes meet) for any cracks in the mortar between the ridge tiles which can allow rainwater in.

Frequently check you roof flashing:
Roof flashing is an essential component of roofs, as they need to be sealed to prevent water from entering the roof cavity in places like where the roof meets a chimney or parapet wall. These then pieces of material (typically made of metal to avoid becoming brittle and crack), direct water away from seams and joint.

It’s essential that the valleys, where different sections of your roof meet, are aligned correctly to allow water to flow easily and prevent it from overflowing into the roof.

For zinc foods, check for rust, loose screws and lifting of roof sheets. 
If you’re thinking o painting a galvanised zinc roof, consult your local paint dealer for the correct type of paint, to avoid peeling.

Maintain the sealant around your skylight. 
As sealants are exposed to the elements and deteriorate over time, resulting in leaks.


Clean you gutters, valley gutters and downpipes regularly,
to prevent you home from being flooded due to blockages from things like leaves, toys, and even birds nests. Fascia boards should be secured where necessary. When it rains, keep an eye on downpipes to ensure water flows freely, and make sure the downpipes’ shoes paint away from your house and its foundations.

Ensure that your gutters and downpipes are well maintained,
to prevent leaks and inspect them for any cracks or breaks in the joints and seams of gutters and downpipes.


Coastal homes can be exposed to high winds, salt air and the potential for flooding. These conditions make houses more susceptible to issues like wood rot and rust, while wood-borer infestation is also an issue in some coastal areas.


By looking after your roof, you're looking after your home and everything inside it. Regular maintenance and waterproofing can save you from water leaks and storm damage.

Remember, insurance doesn't cover maintenance-related claims. You must maintain your insured property and take all reasonable steps to prevent loss or damage, and to minimise the cost of a claim. Make sure you understand what your policy does and doesn't cover.

Please contact Zululand Insurance Brokers for any further enquiries.

These tips are brought to you by Hollard.

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